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How is motorhome insurance different from auto insurance?

Your motorhome is a great way to move around the country. In a motorhome, you have the freedom of a car combined with the ability to stretch out and move around a tiny home. Since a motorhome is a motor vehicle, most insurance companies are willing to issue policies on them, which makes them convenient for an insurance policy. You can insure your motorhome with a policy from Christian Insurance Agency, serving Magnolia, TX.

There are some crucial differences between a motorhome and a car that makes it important to have specialized insurance.

Motorhomes have living spaces and amenities like a kitchen and a bathroom. A motorhome is a type of recreational vehicle, called a “Class A” RV. Class A RVs are larger and more luxurious than other types of RVs. Some motorhome owners sell their houses and become “full-timers,” especially older ones.

Full-Timers Insurance

As the name of this insurance suggests, this is insurance for people who live in their motorhomes. Full-Timers’ insurance is a good option for people who live in their motorhomes because it combines the functions of auto- and homeowners’ insurance, giving you full protection either if your motorhome is robbed or if it crashes.

Campsite-Liability Insurance

Campsite liability insurance is the other side of this: It acts as car insurance most of the time when you’re traveling in your motorhome, only adding the additional coverage of belongings when you’re at camping sites. Like full-timers’ insurance, it includes medical expense provisions that more closely resemble those of homeowner’s coverage than of auto coverage.

RV Emergency Expense Coverage

Some RV insurers also offer additional coverage for emergency expenses incurred while operating an RV. Our professional insurance advisors at Christian Insurance Agency serving Magnolia, TX can help you explore your needs for RV or motorhome insurance.

We Are Here To Help

Our team of insurance experts at Christian Insurance Agency can provide coverage for your Magnolia, TX motorhome and best meet your needs. Give us a call today!