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Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Damaged or Stolen Belongings?

At Christian Insurance Agency in Magnolia, TX, we know that sometimes you want more coverage than your current home or car insurance policy can give. That’s why we offer umbrella insurance as a safety net to help cover liability costs that extend beyond your present home or car insurance policy. It’s a great option for those who want to feel completely confident and secure in their abilities to handle anything that life throws their way from a liability perspective. 

While umbrella insurance is ideal for covering some unexpected situations, it does have its limits, like any insurance policy. If you’re wondering whether it covers damaged or stolen belongings, we have the answer to that question below.

Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Damaged or Stolen Belongings?

While every policy is different, umbrella insurance does not generally cover damaged or stolen belongings. As a whole, it usually only protects your current personal assets such as your home or car, and any forthcoming assets you may acquire such as wages, inheritance, or the spoils of a winning jackpot ticket. If you find yourself at the at-fault end of a car accident or lawsuit, umbrella insurance will come in extra handy for keeping your assets safe from harm. 

For items in your home or car that have been damaged as a result of a disaster or stolen, there’s nothing that most umbrella insurance policies can do. If you want to keep your belongings protected in the case of damage or theft, other insurance policies like renter’s insurance and home insurance may be more likely to include protection for these items in their specifics.

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