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Damage a Friend’s Property? Awkward! Umbrella Insurance Could Help

The State of Texas has specific requirements for Umbrella policies that make them useful for personal liability, when you may wind up responsible for damage or losses that you caused. Controversy over liability can be as simple as knocking over a priceless vase or staining an expensive oriental carpet, damaging high-end electronics, or other harm.

In many cases, there will be a question about whether their insurance covers the incident or whether you’re responsible for the damages. Friendships have been lost for less, so it can be wise to be able to enjoy life with your friends and not tiptoe around, afraid of a sudden and expensive loss or repair bill. It can be quite gracious to take responsibility and indicate that you’re covered, just as you would in the case of a vehicle accident.

Not Just Damage at Friends’ Houses

At Christian Insurance Agency, we help people relax about the things that happen in life in Magnolia, TX, which can be between friends and family, or at a party, open house, or even a museum or store. Anywhere you might have a costly accident and be responsible, it could wind up more than your standard liability coverage and your umbrella policy can step in. It’s peace of mind that helps avoid life-changing events due to high-value liability.

Rising Costs Can Raise Liability

When things cost more, damages can be high as well. That’s why watching your policy amounts is wise, and adding an umbrella policy to cover higher amounts of risk and protect your increasing assets. At Christian Insurance Agency, we have years of experience with helping our Magnolia, TX customers relax. We help you have fewer worries and more answers for accidents and other surprises that occur in daily life.