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Texas Motorcycle Insurance Laws

When they say "Don’t mess with Texas," that also means don’t mess with Texas license and insurance laws. Motorcycles are still considered motorized vehicles and are subject to state regulations. Ignoring these regulations can result in unwanted fines and penalties. Christian Insurance Agency serves Magnolia, TX and understands motorcycle insurance laws in the state of Texas.

Who needs motorcycle insurance?

Any bike with a motorized engine will typically need motorcycle insurance. This means standard motorcycles and trikes as well as moped and bike-style motorized bicycles will be subject to Texas insurance requirements. The only bike-style autos that are exempt from these requirements are mini-bikes, dirt bikes, or other ATVs that are not allowed on public roads. So, if you travel on public streets, you need at least public liability insurance in Texas and a license and registration just like a car or truck.

What kind of coverage do I need for my motorcycle?

Texas motorcycle laws require you to have minimum liability coverage, which protects both persons and property involved in an accident. This is often referred to as 30/60/25 coverage. The numbers refer to $30,000 in insurance coverage per person, $60,000 per accident, and $25,000 in property. These amounts represent the minimum required coverage by the state, but anyone who’s paid a hospital bill recently knows that injuries can exceed these amounts. You may also want more comprehensive coverage on your own motorcycle, not just on damages incurred by your accident damage on others. 

Get Coverage For Your Motorcycle Today

Christian Insurance Agency in Magnolia, TX is here to help you get the motorcycle insurance coverage you need. Call us today or reach out online for your motorcycle insurance quote.